Chelation Therapy

We do ambulatory Chelation Therapy. How does it work? We give the body a solution of Minerals and Vitamins but mainly the ingredient EDTA. EDTA is an abbreviation Ethylene-Diamin-Tetra -Acetate, which is a chain that we find in protein rich foods.
EDTA has the attribute to secrete or flush out heavy metals, for example lead, Cadmium and the metal calzium through the kidneys . This is the reason why it is well suited to treat metal poisenings as well as atherosclerosis.
One could say that the molecules of EDTA grip these ingredients as with claws and render them ineffective which is why one calls this  solution "chelat" from the greek word "Chele" meaning claw.EDTA also prevents the production of free radicals in the body by binding the metallic catalysts of this process and secreting them out of the body. Thus we can arrest artherosclerosis by restoring normal cell function and dissolve the calcium charge.
The calcium attached through the protein to the bone stays untouched thus the bones do not become decalcified.
However the positive effects of chelation therapy in the treatment of artherosclerosis are not completly decoded .
Chelation Therapy is being applied world wide . In the United States millions of times.
For preventative measures we suggest 20 infusions per year not to exceed three time per week.
In treating artherosclerosis  30 or more infusions per year are necessary.

Chelation Therapy is applied
- as preventative therapy against vascular calcination
- in case of arteriosclerosis
- after cardiac infarction
- after Bypass, Dilation, Stent
- after apoplexy
- in case of circulation disturbances of the legs

Favourable effects of Chelation therapy have been observed with
- cholesterol increase
- reduction of cardiac rhythm disturbances
- elimination of muscle crambs in the legs
- increased potency
- Alzheimer symptoms
- warming up of the cold extrementies
- decreased loss of hair
- chronic weariness
- Tinnitus

Moreover, Chelation therapy supports
treatment of various joint diseases (arthritis, arthrosis) as well as certain skin
illnesses (sclerodermia).

Chelation therapy is a preventive measure against strain by heavy metals
(lead, cadmium, amalgane).

Chelation therapy revitalizes and activates the entire body.


The human being is not a statistic. Everyone of us is an individual.
Therefore, optimized Cancer Therapy has to be both holistic and individual.