Organotherapy means injections of aqueous solutions made out of ovine or bovine fetal materials. It's scientifically proven, that  every cell has its own organtypical signalcode,
that is called homing receptor.
Prof. Blobel, who in 1999 received the nobelprize in Medicine  showed that radioactive organpeptides from labeled organs were found in the cells of targeted organs.(homing effect or organotropism).
These homing receptorcodes guarantee the exact fit of the targeted organ even if the material is from a xenogenic source. Xenogenic means tissue from organism other than human origin.
This can explain why after injection of specific organoextracts  repair particles show up in the organs which should be treated.
That means when  liverpeptides are injected we can find specific livermaterial in the liver we want to treat. It's possible to produce organpeptides from all organs for different indications.
With Cartilage - and mesenchymextracts we can effectively treat osteoarthrits, specially in combination with thymusextracts.
Mesenchymextracts especially activate the macrophages.
Spleenpeptides reduce the sideeffects from chemo- and radiation treatment and activate the unspecific immunesystem.

For the female or male revitalisation organcombinations can be  applied in one injection.
Normaly organpeptides will be injected daily or every second day as a series of 10 to 15 injections.


The human being is not a statistic. Everyone of us is an individual.
Therefore, optimized Cancer Therapy has to be both holistic and individual.