Revitalisation Through  Total Thymus Gland Extract (THX)

More than a half century ago, Dr. Sandberg of Aneby, Sweden, began to treat chronic illnesses and cancer with total thymus extract- THX.
In more than 1000s of treated patients, he noted a remarkable reduction in susceptibility to illness as well as a marked rejuvenating effect.

The thymus gland exists in all mammals, and is situated behind the breast-bone.
It is not present at the embryo stage. At birth the gland starts to extend in size and function on contact with the enviroment. From birth to maturity (about the age of 20) it is essential for the maintenance of life. Animals as well as human beings who are deprived of the thymus gland die within a short period of time.
The thymus gland attains its maximum level fo functioning at puberty.With increasing age, the thymus gland gets smaller, and at the age of 60 it is only 15% of the size as it was at puberty.

The thymus gland is regarded by immunologists (scientists who study the body's immune or defense system) as the central organ of the body's defense mechanism. Special police-like blood cells and cleansing agents of the body  - are trained there, and then regulated until they are needed to combat invaders and abnormal cells in emergency situations.

White blood cells are made into so -called T-lymphocytes (thymus-lymphocytes). They are able to produce further detachments like killer-, helper- suppressor or memorycells when required. The helpercells are nessesary for the production of antibodies in the B-lymphozytes. T and B cells normally balance each other out. Suppressor
cells prevent too many anti-boodies from being produced.

The body's own defending "natural killercells" directly attack foreign bodies when they are recognized. The immune system also has memory cells which have the ability of longterm recognition of previously coded information.
The reduction in the size of the thymus gland with advancing age and the reduced function of the thymus gland's defense mechanisms result in an increase of chronic illness (also associated with aging).
Thymus therapy can be combined synergistic with other organic extracts like spleen mesenchyme, placenta et al.
The following illnesses have accordingly been treated successfully with total thymus extract:

1. Chronic illnesses
    a)  common degenerative arthritis and rheumatism
    b)  lower and upper back problems due to bone degeneration
    c)  some cases of circulatory disturbances
    d)  some forms of allergy
    e)  prostate gland enlargement
    f)  prevention of complications due to diabetes, such as retinopathy
    g)  arteriosclerosis
    h)  helps recovery from acute viral hepatitis and appears to prevent it from becoming
         chronic. Also may be effective in illnesses of the liver and kidney and other ailments
         of internal organs.

2. Ailments associated with aging or deterioration
    a)  sexual dysfunction
    b)  problems of ale impotence
    c)  premature menopause
    d)  general problems of fatigue and exhaustion- the therapy helps to restore vitality.

3. Susceptibility to chronic infections and weakness of the immune system
    a)  recurrent infections specially in older people, associated with aging
    b)  herpes simplex and herpes genitalis

4. Auto-immune illnesses such as:
    a)  polyarthritis
    b)  lupus-erythematosus (commonly known simply as lupus)
    c)  ankylosing spondylitis
    d)  ulcerative colitis
    e)  sarcoidosis 

5. Cancer therapy
    a)  Supplementary cancer therapy to be administered immediatly after surgical removal of
         the tumor. It is very important to bolster the immune system and thereby help the body
         ward off relapse.
    b)  Diminishes adverse effects like immunesuppresoio which result from chemotherapy
          and radiation therapy.
    c)  Improves the effectiveness of chemotherapy and radiation therapy and speeds
          recovery from these processes.

    -  pregnancy
    -  bleeding conditions or coagulopathy

In other words, in most people after the age of about 40, the body's thymus-regulated immune-system can no longer provide adequate protection.
The short effective life of the thymus gland sufficed for thousands of years to control the defense mechanism of the body. Men's average life expectancy was below 40 years of age up until  the middle of the last century. After average life expectancy had more than doubled since Roman times through improved sanitation, better diet, and the victory of antibiotics over infectious diseases, a gap, most of the above mentioned chronic and cancerous diseases manifest themselves. Many gerontologists are even of the opinion that one of the main reasons for aging is the decrease in size, and functional weakening, of the thymus gland.
The gerontologists therefore speak of the thymopause or termination of the effective functioning of the thymus gland.

In connection with this point, Dr. E. Sandberg said:
"I have confirmed time and time again that THX has not only a healing effect but also a markedly rejuvenating effect. I believe in the possibility of prolonging life by means of systematic traeatment with total thymus extract."

Over the course of our own more than 30 years  experience in studying and administering
total thymusextract there was considerable improvements in maladies related to aging, such as

a) increasing sexual impotence
b) prostate gland enlargement
c) rheumatic pains due to bone degeneration
d) fatigue and exhaustion.

After the treatments, almost most patients reported feeling more lively and rejuvenated
and this feeling lasted up to a year and in some cases longer.
The sooner rejuvenation treatment is started, the more effectively it maintains vitality.
As the loss of vitality begins following the 4th decade of one's life, it would be sensible to begin with THX-treatment sometimes around the age of 50.
Normally once a year 15 injetions (daily or every second day) are recommended for rejuvenation purpose. In chronical illnesses more thymus injections are nesessary. 


The human being is not a statistic. Everyone of us is an individual.
Therefore, optimized Cancer Therapy has to be both holistic and individual.